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Daily Morning PrayerDo you find yourself not praying in the mornings? Do you wish you had someone around to motivate you to pray? Do you wish you could learn how to pray?

Do you wish you had someone to ask to pray for you? Do you just wish to pray in a team environment or just listen in? Well, your prayers have been answered! We've made it easy!

Welcome to the World Royal City Ministries prayer line. Every morning, you can join us for prayer by dialing into our prayer line anytime between 6AM and 7AM. On Saturdays, we are live from 7-8AM. Weeknights, you can dial in from 9-10PM. You can choose to introduce yourself, or you can remain anonymous. It's really up to you! If you choose not to remain anonymous, you can mention your name when you dial in, and tell us your prayer request if you have one. Then we will pray for you, or you can just listen in, and soak yourself in a peace and joy from prayers over the telephone, for as long as you wish!

This is an experience you just won't want to miss. Try it out at least once. Set your alarm to wake you up between 6AM and 7AM and dial in to the conference line:

Just dial 857-342-8990