Our is a divine mandate for the rescue of the sinful humanity from the bondage of the hell and the devil through the preaching of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus and discipling them to grow into the full revelation knowledge of the Son of Jesus. Royal City Ministries goal is to fulfill this great commission by bringing at least Four {4} billion souls to the Kingdom of God out of every tribe, language, nation and continent and plant 100,000 Royal City Church branches. We have established over 23 branches in Uganda and America. RCM is also involved publishing Christian literature, Church Planting, Christian Leadership Trainings, Women Empowerment Summit, Conference and Global Outreach Crusades and developing Christian communication.

It’s by grace and grace alone! The achievements of these TRANSFORMATION MANDATE depends on the quality of the training of the ministers of the Gospel. Our target is to raise mighty men and women of God, who are filled with the Holy Ghost and skilled in the word of truth, who will reach every village, district, town, city and take new territories of Christ Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. The eternal ordination is of God but we work with God in Royal City Leadership College to train the called Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and Ministers of the Gospel for the effective work of ministry. It’s the Ministers that have been trained in skillfully dividing the truth of God’s word and filled with the Holy Ghost and are burning with the holy burden of God in their hearts that shall turn the world upside down with the demonstration of the miraculous, healing and Resurrection power of the Holy Spirit in the end times.

Global Miracle Crusade in Gulu City
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