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Jesus, The Name of Wonders!!

You have heard some believers say they called the Name of Jesus while in some kind of distress or demonic oppression and nothing happened. Well, that’s rather unusual because the Name of Jesus is the Name of power{Acts 3:16, John 14:12-14}, and it always produces extraordinary results. However, you must realize that the Name is not a magic wand. Anyone who calls that Name with the understanding of the power vested therein will certainly have the supernatural results he or she needs. You must know how to effectively use the Name of Jesus, for it to work wonders.

Jesus name is more than a mere article of identification, that name is authority, character of God, ad  power”. The Greek word for name is “onomah.” So when you command something to happen in the Name of Jesus, you’re actually speaking or acting in the authority and on behalf of the person of Lord Jesus Christ himself. That’s the power of attorney Christ has given you. Moreover, when you make a demand in the Name of Jesus, you don’t need to squeeze up faith to make it work. That’s because faith is the evidence of unseen realities and when an unseen reality becomes available, you no longer need any evidence for it. Thus, we require no evidence to use the Name of Jesus because it’s not an unseen reality; it’s an instrument that has already been made available to you, that name is a weapon of defense, it tool of creation and the key that opens supernatural doors.

The Bible says, “…here is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Isn’t this wonderful? It means you don’t have to cross-examine your life first to know whether or not the Name of Jesus will work for you. The Name has been given to you as a gift, so you need no extra faith to use it. Make a decision in this very moment to use that Name with this understanding and it will produce supernatural wonders and victories for you and your family. Hallelujah!

Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles
Preaching Christ, Changing Lives