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The Power of Worship

One of the greatest movements of the Holy Spirit in the world today is the rebirth and revival of worship. In true worship, people meet the Lord with their intellect, will, and emotion. That’s the difference between a cold, dead religious service and one that is vibrant and alive with God’s presence. Today, as we worshiped Him in the service, healing and miracles began taking place, brain tumor was miraculously healed, people were being slain in the spirit, even before I minister the Word of God. If you’ve ever been in one of our services, you know how wonderful the sense of worship is. Occasionally people think it has something to do with Pr Stephen Jefferson Okello.

They compliment me for leading in worship. But you know what? I don’t lead in worship – the Holy Spirit does. I may be on the platform, but I’m worshiping the Lord just like everyone else. The Holy Spirit is in control, and I follow His leadings just like everyone else. It is the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus to you Remember, worship isn’t singing about the Lord and praying that God will meet your needs; worship is lifting your praise to the Lord in love, devotion, adoration of who he is. Jesus said, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:24).

It is the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus to us. And the more we see of His beauty, His holiness, His majesty and His glory, how can we do anything else but bow before the King of Heaven to adore and magnify His name. True worship leads you behind the veil and you come face to face in the glorious presence of God and in the moment incredible miracles begin to take place b’se God himself is in charge. Develop up an attitude of worship. When you worship Him in spite of the challenges you might be facing, you’re affirming that the Greater One who lives in you has already given you the victory.

Remember, faith is calling real that which is not obvious to the senses. So, whether you feel happy or not, you should continually make melody in your heart to the Lord. It’s an expression of faith, and an indication that the all-powerful God is right there with you. Before long, you’ll be enraptured in His divine presence and experience the overflow of the miraculous. Revival is now. Consider sowing a generous seed to help us finish paying for our ministry land as we take God’s manifested presence to the nations. Hallelujah!

Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles

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