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The True Christian Life!

Eternal life starts here on earth, and that’s what Jesus came to give. He came to teach us that we can have life and have it abundantly{ 1 John 5:10-21}. Many Christians have believed it’s when they get to heaven that they’ll begin to enjoy eternal life. They have struggled so much on earth and have been made to think they can’t make it here, so they’re waiting to get to heaven where their mansion awaits them. That’s not the life Jesus gave to us. Such Christians have been deceived by the lies of the devil!

Thank God, our mentality has changed because of God’s Word. The Bible declares that we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free. The Lord Himself said in Hosea 4:6 that His people, not the people of the world, not children of the devil, but His own people, are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge. What enslaves and destroys God’s people is nothing other than their ignorance of God’s Word and what liberates them is their knowledge of the same. By this I do not mean head knowledge of the Scriptures but heart knowledge, that is, revelation knowledge of God’s Word.

You don’t need to suffer what you are suffering anymore. God has handled that situation in His Word. You cannot be in God’s Kingdom and remain sick or poor because that is not consistent with the abundant life He has come to give you. The Living Bible calls the life that we have received from Christ ‘life in all its fullness.’ It is the life free of death, disease, debt or any distortions of the devil. Receive revelation knowledge from the Word that will bring you out of any negative situation and cause you to enjoy in all it’s fullness.

Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles
Preaching Christ, Changing Lives