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The Victorious Life!

Society may place limits on you; your family background, the nation where you live, your education, job description, business, or finances could be. But there’s a life without limits( John 10:10) that’s the life Jesus brought to us; it’s the transcendent life of glory where there are no limitations. Jesus proved it was possible to live this triumphant life when He walked the earth. He lived a life that was greater than anything that existed on the terrestrial plane. He refused to be limited by the circumstances of this world. He tamed nature.

The Bible tells us how He defied the laws of nature by walking on water(Matthew 14:25), and hushing the sea to sleep (Mark 4:39). You also received this life when you were born again, the very life of Christ in you. Now that you have this life in you, refuse to function according to your natural human abilities and take up God’s limitless power that’s been deposited in your spirit by faith as you speak daily in tongues! Your ability to perform and excel is of God; that means it’s unlimited and supernatural.

God gave you His ability so you won’t have to function with your own limited abilities but with His limitless and inexhaustible strength, therefore arise and go forward to the land of promise by the power of the Holy Spirit that is now resident in you and you shall prevail, in Jesus glorious name.

Jefferson Stephen Okello
Apostle of Miracles
Preaching Christ, Changing Lives